Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ski, tōst & be Married in Tahoe!

This Valentine’s Day Northstar California invites skiers and snowboarders to profess their love, renew their vows, or seal the deal and become legally wed at the first Ski, tōst & be Married! group wedding ceremony. Brides and grooms should ski along East Ridge run just past the Rendezvous chair lift by 1:45 p.m. to recite wedding vows. Northstar’s daily tōst celebration will follow promptly at 2 p.m. and the newlyweds are invited to enjoy an afternoon of skiing and snowboarding. A reception will be held in The Village at Northstar featuring signature cocktail specials from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and guests are invited to ice skate and relax in the lounge areas with fire pits to the sounds of live music until 8:30 p.m.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tahoe Snowboarding Wedding at Northstar!

Congratulations to Courtney and Richard, married on the slopes at Northstar California Resort 12.13.14! Pretty cool couple, (no pun intended). -Bxo

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tahoe Wedding Weather Averages & Advice

Lake Tahoe Wedding Weather for All Seasons

On average, there are 273 sunny days per year in Lake Tahoe. Which means sunshine occurs over 75% of the time during daylight hours each year. The wholesome climate of Lake Tahoe is the perfect match for the region's spectacular alpine scenery and our year-round outdoor lifestyle.

During April, May and early June, storm activity and colder temperatures diminish rapidly. The snow has melted at lake level but the beautiful snowcapped mountain peaks are still visible.

In June, July, and August, the probability of sunny skies exceeds 90% on any given day, and the average afternoon high temperature ranges between 69 and 77 degrees. Wildflowers are in bloom and the majestic sunsets are beyond compare.

From November through March, 78% of the yearly precipitation occurs, mostly as snowfall which preforms as the perfect backdrop for your winter wedding.

Autumn is also spectacular in the Tahoe Basin. High temperatures in September average 70 degrees and about 10 degrees cooler in October. Precipitation expectation increases during the course of the two-month period, but this time of year is often warm and dry. 

Lake Tahoe Wedding Weather Advice

Ask the right questions regarding weather contingencies at your wedding venue.
  • Does your venue provide a secondary location for outdoor weddings?
  • If so, is this location an additional cost?
  • Who decides to move the wedding to the secondary venue and at what point?
  • If they do not have a secondary location, do they offer a tent or recommend another venue location as a back up plan?

Do Your Research
  • Farmer’s Almanac - The Farmer’s Almanac is always a good option to determine the weather averages.
  • Google Weather History - Research precipitation, temperature, and sunset averages for your wedding date
  • Contact a meteorologist at a local network affiliate.

If you are still wary about booking your Lake Tahoe Venue, you can always purchase wedding insurance to ensure your event is protected. Read below for wedding insurance information.

Happy Planning!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wedding Day Insurance

As a wedding professional I get questions about insurance and liability all the time.  We always like to believe that nothing will go wrong on your wedding day, however some things are beyond our control.  There are a variety of things that can happen from roads being shut down due to weather to your gifts all being stolen out of your trunk.  You want to protect yourself when you are investing this much time and money.

So why should you get wedding day insurance?

At many wedding and reception venues it is actually required.  You want to make sure to ask your venue of choice whether this is a requirement.  Also, read your contract thoroughly to see who is liable for things outside of your control, such as weather or vendor mishaps.

Wedding day insurance will protect you, as the paying guest and host of the event, if there is property damage or one of your guests gets injured.  You never know what can happen when you mix two families, a bunch of friends, and a really good time together. 

And speaking of mixing friends and families and a good time, you want to protect yourself against alcohol related accidents.  When the reception is over and everyone leaves, this insurance can cover all of your guests until they get to their accommodations as well as what may happen during the actual reception. 

With many insurance companies, as a home owner you can add wedding day insurance with your current policy.  This is a very inexpensive way to cover yourself and can actually go through your parents insurance if you are not a current home owner.  There are also insurance companies that cater to wedding day insurance such as WedSafe and WedSure.  Make sure when obtaining wedding day insurance, that you know exactly what you are covered for and what you're liable for.

Your wedding day is going to be amazing, how nice to be able to relax and know that you are insured no matter what happens.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Northstar California named top Tahoe wedding venue!

Thanks to Merrily Wed for offering the insight expert advice for Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Magazine close-up on Lake Tahoe weddings, from tips on how to make your wedding really maximize what our charming Lake Tahoe area offers as well as the scoop on some great one-of-a-kind venues, including Northstar California!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Carol + Adam - The First Real Wedding at Heavenly's Blue Sky Terrace

Congratulations Carol and Adam!

Carol and Adam were the first to be married at Heavenly's new Blue Sky Terrace on June 14th! This happy couple said "I Do" at 9,123 feet with 35 of their closest family and friends.  Not only did the guests get to experience a beautiful wedding ceremony overlooking Lake Tahoe, they also got to enjoy a Gondola ride!

Thank you to Michael Forrest  for the amazing images!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Tahoe Local Wows with Bridal Shower

Tahoe Wedding Collections’ very own, Adele Attix, was adoringly showered this past Saturday at her parent’s stunning residence, appropriately dubbed House of the Dancing Trees, in Nevada City, California. Bridal Showers are often the first of many wedding events where the bride is in the spotlight, and our Adele could not have shined brighter.
Here are a few of the things we did that made her shower the hippest, chicest, and most fun shower I have personally ever attended:

1. Flowers in the hair. Adele’s mother picked a gorgeous white rose, straight from her garden, and tucked it in her daughter’s blonde locks. Adele donned a vintage drop-waist, cotton, tank dress and the white rose added marvelously to the ensemble.
2. Gourmet Grilled Cheese Bar. My, oh my - this Spread was out of this world! Pick-your-own toppings ranged from goat cheese paired with fig and walnuts to brie with pear and honey. Our creations were then grilled to perfection on the deck. Je Adore!
3. Trivia Game during present opening. The bride’s roommate had asked her fiancé several questions prior to the shower. Before each present the question was read aloud and Adele was asked to guess her fiancés answer, before the real one was read aloud. This made for many belly laughs during the present opening session and kept all the ladies entertained.
4. Camp Adele. To cap it all off we were whisked off to a nearby campground and spent the night gushing and giggling around a campfire. One of the Maids even made a banner to hang at our beachfront campsite. Despite the fact we forgot firewood, some men from a few sites down stocked us up and made sure the fire raged late into the starry night.

Adopt or adapt any of these clever idea’s to make your shower stand out from the rest!

Best Wishes,
Julie “Jewels” Butler, Northstar California Resort, Sales Associate

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A beautiful Tahoe Wedding Ceremony Overlooking the Lake!

Wow! Check out the NEW Blue Sky Terrace at Heavenly. Have you ever seen a more stunning Lake Tahoe backdrop?

And here are some tips for outdoor/elevated venues like this one, situated at over 9000 + feet:

1. Hydrate your guests. It is very important at high elevations and/or when it is warm. Save the alcohol for the reception and offer water and lemonade at the ceremony instead.

2. Consider the wind. Always dreamed of a long veil but don't want it blowing across your face? Paint tiny fishing weights the color of your veil and attach them to the end of it.

3. With over 300 days of sunshine in Lake Tahoe, chances are you may need parasols for your sun sensitive guests. Or ask if your venue supplies market umbrellas.

Happy Planning! - Bxo

Friday, March 14, 2014

Why should you attend a Bridal Fair?

There are so many different resources to assist you with planning a wedding - internet, blogs, magazines, wedding planners, etc.  Here are three reasons why bridal fairs are another great tool for the planning process and a must attend.

Idea Shopping

Many times a wedding fair is a great place to start before any hiring or booking.  When you have that many great vendors in a space you are bound to get inspired.  At a great bridal fair there is everything from dresses to guest accommodations to reception venues and everything in between so it is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.  Looking at unique favors can lead to a floral inspiration.  Bridal fairs offer the most up to date trends to view.  You can find so many different ideas, even if it is just an idea of what you do not want to do. 

Meet a Variety of Vendors

How you interact and connect with vendors can make a huge difference on your special day.  A bridal fair puts you in front of a variety of different people to ask questions, see their work, and get a feel for who you would be working with.  Think of the people who are most involved with your wedding day.  Experiencing the actual personality of a vendor, like a photographer, can help you decide whether to book them or not.  You want to feel comfortable with your photographer so that your photos turn out as great as you feel that day.  Getting along with that person is a vital part of the wedding day, as well as the discussions leading up to your big day. 

Fun Girls Day Out

Take your mom, sister, bridesmaids, girlfriends, whoever can go!  Enjoy some champagne and girl time.  Talk about venues, flowers, cakes, color swatches, and dresses in a fun atmosphere where you can be pampered.  If you are going to a really large fair and it feels overwhelming, task each friend with a different vendor type, making sure they have an idea of what your taste is as well as your budget.  Then you can collect more information and go through it all in the comfort of your own home.
Happy Planning!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A+M, another real Tahoe Wedding!

Congratulations to Andrea and Matt who took TWO magical gondola rides up to say "I do" at nearly 9000 feet atop Lookout Mountain at Northstar California! They returned to the Tavern 6330' in the Village for the reception and to dance the night away. Thank you to Jen Schmidt Photography for the fantastic images of this very special day! - Bxo


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jessica + Jason A Real Tahoe Wedding at Northstar California

It's snowing in Tahoe but we can't help oogling these lovely Fall photos from Jessica and Jason's October celebration at Northstar California!

Congratulations to a beautiful couple! -Bxo

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Northstar's Zephyr Lodge featured on Style Me Pretty

Hi everyone,

Big news, Lindsey and Nick's Zephyr Lodge Wedding atop Northstar California's slopes was recently featured on one of the most, if not the most, respected and popular wedding blogs in the country! We couldn't be happier for the darling couple.

Check out all the gorgeous details - including the starry night's sky and a fluffy white labradoodle - right here:

Julie Jewels of Northstar Sales Team

Friday, December 20, 2013

Athena + Erik a Real Fall Tahoe Wedding at Northstar California!

Absolutely stunning, congratulations to a beautiful couple both inside and out!

Erik and Athena from The Goodness on Vimeo.

Thank you to The Goodness for the video!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Modern Elegance at Northstar's Overlook Pavillion

Here are a few swoon-worthy Real Northstar Wedding photos from Nancy and Tom’s Overlook Pavilion wedding on 9/15/13 in the Village at Northstar California. The bride was born in Mexico and the groom hailed from Vietnam, so it was truly a melting pot of cultures, music, family, and one of the most elegant events I have ever seen. The couple wed after nearly 20 years as a couple! They chose a glamorous, modern travel theme to honor the many times they have traveled around the globe together. We usually see travel themes paired with vintage, so it was fun to see this fresh approach to the globe-trotting ambiance. The bride included bright, energetic pops of orange on top of the gray and white color scheme. White orchids were placed in huge hurricanes, with bright green vines to set the stage. Not a detail was missed in this brilliant soiree.

Venue: Northstar California
Photographer: Maurice Ramirez
Videographer and Photo Booth: Mike Jensen
Hair &
Make-up: Jill Briggs
Tent/Lighting: Crux Events
Flowers & Design: Hunter &

xoxo, Jewels of Northstar California

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

It's time to invite all of the guests to your big day!  So many decisions to make and you don’t want to insult anyone.  Here are a few etiquette tips on who should be and doesn’t have to be invited.

You casually mention to someone that you were getting married and now they think they are invited to the wedding.  If you didn’t verbally ask them to come to your wedding, you do not have to formally invite them.  It is fine to discuss your wedding plans and excitement with people!  If you feel uncomfortable when they ask if they are invited (and they aren't) you can tell them that you haven’t finalized the guest list.  Watch out though, it is rude to verbally ask them to come and then not send them an invitation.


You already know that someone can’t attend your wedding.  Do you still have to send them an invitation?  Since you don’t want them to think they have to send a gift, you don’t have to send them an invitation.  If it is a close friend or family member that cannot come, you can send an invitation with a note stating that you sent it so that they could have it as a keepsake.

How do you decide who can bring a date?  If a guest is married, engaged, or has a live in partner they should be able to bring a plus one.  You do not however, have to allow every single guest to bring a date.  If a single friend is upset, let them know how many other single friends are coming so that they feel more comfortable.  You do want to be consistent with your rules.


How do you make your ceremony and reception adults only?  Be specific in the way you address the invitation and in the invitation itself (“Adults only reception to follow” for instance).  If your guests RSVP for the children, call them and have an honest conversation with them about wanting an adult only wedding.  If you have a large amount of guests with children, you may want to make arrangements for childcare services off site somewhere.  Again, being consistent is going to be a must.  Keep in mind, your flower girl and ring bearer are exceptions to this rule and are allowed at the reception.
Happy Planning!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Personalizing your Wedding

You want the perfect wedding day and of course you want your wedding to be different than all the others you have attended.  You want your friends and family to talk about the good time they had for years to come!  How do you make it personalized and well…. yours?

The Nuptials

We have all heard those same wedding vows so often you could recite them with the bride and groom.  Try writing you own wedding vows.  Even if you aren’t a great writer, your heart will tell you why you want to spend the rest of your life together, whether it is for the amazing way he keeps you smiling every day or even the incredible cooking he offers when you are stressed and overworked.  Try to put into your own words why you are spending eternity together.

Table Names

Naming your guest tables after places you have traveled together has become a popular choice.  You can use a postcard you picked up there with an explanation of your trip together (when and why you went there) or a beautiful picture of the two of you enjoying that location.  This also is a great way for guests to have to look a little harder for their table and in the meantime, checking out all of the other destinations you have been to along the way.


Guest Book

Just having your guests put their name and address into a book doesn’t seem very personal.  One great idea is getting your photographer to make a photo book from your engagement photo session, and then have your guests sign the different pages with words of love and encouragement to go with the signatures.  Another one, since you are now all family, is having a “Family Tree” created (a cool portrait of a tree with the branches) and having guests put their thumbprint on it.  Avid Skier?  Get a vintage or cool ski and have your guests all sign the ski (or two if it is a large group).   Looking for advice from the guests?  Have each guest fill out their marriage words of wisdom and then put them in a box.  Pull one out each month or year, or even when you just need some good laughs or actual advice.

Signature Drink

Choose a drink for your guests to have for the evening.  Maybe it is the first drink you ever had together.  Maybe it is the type of cocktail that you end every evening with.  Maybe it is the go to drink for all of your good times and memories.  Either way, your friends and family will understand why you chose that drink and it will make them smile every time they take a sip.

Happy Planning!