Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ring of Love at Spirits in Stone

So, Spirits in Stone (located in the Village at Northstar) is having a Valentine's Day sale, featuring this beautiful sculpture at an even more attractive price. While this would make a great gift for your sweety on the 14th, the first thing I thought of was: What a unique CAKE TOPPER!

It is a handcrafted piece described as:
"In Shona society, family bonding stands as the foundation for the entire culture. It is the sacred unit and all laws governing Shona society serve to protect these vulnerable bonds. The arms and bodies are carved with a continuous flow of rhythm to signify the unbroken bonds of their souls. This couple, locked in eternal embrace, offers constant reminder that love abounds in all places of the world."
For more information, visit Spirits in Stone online. The lovely sales ladies think this particular piece might be a little heavy without extra support in the cake or it can be placed next to the cake. They also have smaller pieces without the ring called Emerging Lovers that would be just right too.

Remember to make it personal, that's the key to a truly memorable Wedding!

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