Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wedding planning help for you!

I hope that most of you have had the chance to meet with your Northstar event planner by now! Therefore, I though now might be a good time to review their role in your Wedding. They are considered Venue / Site Coordinators. They handle the details of the ceremony and reception as it pertains to Northstar. They will also be at the wedding and usually stay to ensure the dinner goes off smoothly before leaving the remainder of the event in the capable hands of our Banquet Manager. They can give you their opinions of vendors they have worked with, but do not, for example, help you with table assignments, budgets or invitation selections. Get the gist?

Many of our brides require a little more assistance and there are different levels of wedding planners for them to choose from. Our coordinators can work together with outside wedding planners to make sure everything at your wedding is just right! The different types are:

•Event producer or full planner: For couples who want a wedding planner that will help them through the entire process. You should look for an event planning service or wedding consultant that can produce the entire wedding until the wedding is complete.

•Partial planner: For couples that has already completed some of their planning. If you are finding yourself bogged down with only two months until the wedding, consider a partial planner who can take over and finish up last minute details.

•Week of or day of planner: For couples who may want extra help coordinating the events on the big day. While your Northstar planner is doing some of this, they are mainly overseeing Northstar's responsibility to the execution of the event, not pinning boutonnieres on all the groomsmen. You should look for a planner that is willing to meet with you a couple times before the wedding so he/she understands your vision and needs for the day.

Local examples of full, partial, or week of /day of planners are Scott Corridan, Stephanie Anderson, Shannon Morse and Shawna Lee West, who specializes in day of wedding planning.

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