Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marriages that LAST begin at Northstar!

Love is in the air at Northstar Resort this Valentine's Day and apparently it sticks! This real Northstar Wedding was celebrated on August 19, 1989 courtesy of our very own on-site wedding coordinator: Sharon Fontes, AKA Praetzel. Not only does she still work here, but she is still married to this dashing young man! Here are some of the fun details:

Officiant: Dan Holzer (he is on our recommended list still)

Northstar Coordinator: Connie Blair (she is a Director here now)

Gown: Jessica McClintock (Sharon just found it again and wants to do something fun with it, anybody have ideas?)

Flower Girl waving to her Mommy: Sharon's niece who just had her first baby. Congratulations Andrea!

The groom also worked at Northstar at one time as a groomer in the winter...small world.


Thanks for sharing you two- your photos are super sweet and loving! Happy 22nd Valentine's Day as husband and wife!

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  1. I'm Sharon's favorite cousin - and I was at this was a beautiful day! It was the start of a beautiful relationship, both of them are wonderful!