Friday, May 10, 2013

Posing Tips for Brides

Every bride would love to look like a model in their wedding photos, but this is something that most of us don't have the opportunity to practice many times before The Big Day.  Fear not my friends! These simple pointers can really help you look relaxed and confident. 

1. Laughter. The camera loves it. It's healthy. It's basically the best thing ever. Make your groom laugh. Make your mom laugh. Make your photographer laugh! Find the joy and humor in little things. And laugh at yourself too!

2. Posture. Standing up straight makes you look prouder,  skinnier, and more regal! Do not be the slouching bride. Keep your chin up, chest out, and stand straight. Don't stand square to the camera. Try putting one foot forward and turning your hips to the camera.

3. Keeping it Natural. In order to look natural you must be comfortable. If you are posing in some way that is not comfortable, it will be noticeable in the photos. If your not comfortable just adjust yourself until you are.

4. Be 'In The Moment'. Don't spend the entire time worrying about how the photo's will turn out or the next task at head. Enjoy the moment. Don't kiss for the camera, but kiss like no-one is watching. Let yourself think of a memory that makes you happy. Feel the breeze and sunshine on your skin. Take a moment to appreciate the scents around you. Smile. 

5. Look for more in the photographer than just the photos.  It is necessary to love not only the photographer's style, but also their personality and demeanor. You will spend more time with this person than any other vendor on your wedding day. Carefully pick someone that you (and your groom) enjoy talking to and being around.

Even though most brides have not spent much time behind the lens of a professional photographer, these top tips tips can carry you a long way. The Golden Rule: Be yourself and have fun.

Julie "Jewels" Morell

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