Friday, March 14, 2014

Why should you attend a Bridal Fair?

There are so many different resources to assist you with planning a wedding - internet, blogs, magazines, wedding planners, etc.  Here are three reasons why bridal fairs are another great tool for the planning process and a must attend.

Idea Shopping

Many times a wedding fair is a great place to start before any hiring or booking.  When you have that many great vendors in a space you are bound to get inspired.  At a great bridal fair there is everything from dresses to guest accommodations to reception venues and everything in between so it is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.  Looking at unique favors can lead to a floral inspiration.  Bridal fairs offer the most up to date trends to view.  You can find so many different ideas, even if it is just an idea of what you do not want to do. 

Meet a Variety of Vendors

How you interact and connect with vendors can make a huge difference on your special day.  A bridal fair puts you in front of a variety of different people to ask questions, see their work, and get a feel for who you would be working with.  Think of the people who are most involved with your wedding day.  Experiencing the actual personality of a vendor, like a photographer, can help you decide whether to book them or not.  You want to feel comfortable with your photographer so that your photos turn out as great as you feel that day.  Getting along with that person is a vital part of the wedding day, as well as the discussions leading up to your big day. 

Fun Girls Day Out

Take your mom, sister, bridesmaids, girlfriends, whoever can go!  Enjoy some champagne and girl time.  Talk about venues, flowers, cakes, color swatches, and dresses in a fun atmosphere where you can be pampered.  If you are going to a really large fair and it feels overwhelming, task each friend with a different vendor type, making sure they have an idea of what your taste is as well as your budget.  Then you can collect more information and go through it all in the comfort of your own home.
Happy Planning!

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