Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Circle of Love and it's VIP Transportation

A wedding ring symbolizes eternity and something that can not be broken. Wedding rings are given as a token of unending love for each other. But what vessel will you choose to carry these all too important pieces of jewelry on your wedding day?

Sure, you can get a fluffy little white pillow with a silk bow, but what about this custom pillow from K Studio? Choose the bride and groom that look like yourselves, add a ribbon in your wedding color scheme, and voila! You have a trendy, custom pillow not only for your wedding day but for your wedding bed too!

I also LOVE the idea of ring bowls that you can keep as an ornament or a piece of wall art after the wedding. Check out all the styles, sizes, and shapes at Paloma’s Nest.

My personal favorite (because it’s what I did at my wedding of course) is the teddy bear ring bear(er). So, I asked my stepson, the ring bearer, to select his favorite teddy bear that he loved the most. We tied the ring on in a bow around his neck that we also used on the bouquets and he walked down the aisle with him. Sooooo cute!

Tip of the day: If you have any concerns at all about who / what is transporting the rings, use fake ones for the ring bearer and let the maid of honor and best man hold the real ones for exchange during the ceremony.

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