Friday, May 14, 2010

Rehearsal Dinners or After Glow Brunch

I know your main focus has been on planning the wedding (as well it should!), but have you given thought to a rehearsal dinner and / or after glow / farewell brunch yet? Obviously, the lake has plenty of great options, and we can provide Northstar shuttles for a fee.

But if you want to stick closer to home, you can host intimate affairs in Northstar restaurants, or throw a larger event (20 or more people) in one of our catered spaces.

We just rolled out a new rehearsal menu with special pricing for Northstar Weddings. Take a look at the upper left corner of your screen under "Useful Links". Or if you prefer a more formal affair, check out Baxter's new menu also listed under "Useful Links". They can provide private dining indoors or out for up to 85 guests. Please contact me if you would like more information.

Happy Planning!


  1. I just called a few restaurants and they seem to be closed for the season through next winter. Can you provide a list of restaurants that will be open in September?

  2. Every restaurant is open this summer. True, many are closed or have limited hours right now until Memorial Day as we are currently in shoulder season. TC's is not technically closed, but it is to the public. What that means is that you can host a private rehearsal dinner in there and order off the rehearsal menu. Let me know how else I can help!