Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Overlook Map

Guess what our graphics department did for Overlook Weddings, they made a map! So simple, but oh so useful. Stuff them in welcome bags, link from your wedding website, or both!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Farrah Rale jewelry discounts for Northstar brides!

Have you found the perfect wedding jewelry yet? Farrah Rale in the Village at Northstar can help! In fact, I had them make all my pieces custom for my wedding (password is cplusb) there because I needed a splash of yellow to match my headpiece (password is cplusb). I could have even made them myself, but being a busy bride, I opted to simply select all the beads, gems, and chains, then they put the earrings, necklace, and bracelet together for me. I loved it so much, I had them make similar pieces for my bridesmaids gifts that they also wore at the wedding!

Look in the upper left hand corner under "useful links" for a special offer from the shop!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

European Umbrellas on Deck

2010 brides- it finally stopped snowing! Summer is here and we are getting so close to your wedding day- yay!

What's new at the Overlook since you last came up? European Umbrellas, that's what! These are really nice and will provide more shade than the market umbrellas alone (you can still have up to six umbrellas too). I love how our Banquets department set the lounge furniture around them to hide the base and create a cool space for the cocktail hour. Or if you are dining al fresco with the dance floor and cocktail hour in the tent, these will provide much better coverage for your guests. Plus, they match the tent and there are THREE of them up there! By the way, I hope you like flowers because there are plenty hanging and ground pots at the Overlook and it looks fabulous!

Martis Valley Grille brides: the deck got a makeover and it looks great! We removed the fixed umbrella stands so that your tables can be arranged anyhow you want now. It also was resurfaced and painted a neutral stone gray. Next up- new flowers for the perimeter planter boxes!