Friday, April 19, 2013

This Summer's Hottest Wedding Trends

mod wedding
  Mod Accents

-Playful, bright colors and graphic shapes

-1st seen in fashion and accessories

-Play up texture

homestead elegance wedding
Homestead Elegance

-Ranch wedding: Elegance in a rustic atmosphere is how it will be fresh this year

-Leather, feathers, bark patterns, combined with lace and ornate patterns

-Combining natural elements with opulent elegance

emerald wedding


-Color of the year

-Glass and translucent textures make it shine

-Black and white are strong colors to play off emerald

-Will see in fashion, even men, a bold emerald dinner jacket, color not just for bridesmaids anymore

- DO NOT use emerald in food, ie. Cake

-Use in fashion, furniture, and paperwares

hashtag wedding

The #Hashtag

-Twitter, Instagram

-Guests tagging photos from their smart phones with the bride and groom’s names has replaced the disposable camera on the table

couture cocktail

Couture Cocktails

-Refreshing and elegant

-Sugar rimmed glasses

-Example- white cosmo with a gold sugar rim

seafood bar wedding

Farm to Fork

-Local foods

-Simple, high quality

-Splurge on presentation: hanging skewers, mini paninis

-Play up the area: i.e. a seafood bar at a coastal wedding

wedding reception lounge

Reception Lounges

-Right mix of seating arrangements and furniture is key

-Green lawn receptions with formal furniture

-Monogrammed pillows, homey

-Draping and tenting create intimate gathering areas

DJ bride

Guest Entertainment

-Brides taking DJ lesson to surprise guests with a set at the reception

-Madlibs- fun advice replaces guestbook

-Creative props for photo booth

-Personal entertainment for cocktail hour

-Add fun to every area

Happy Wedding Planning! - Bxo

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Table Numbers

Picture Frames:

These are an easy option for table numbers. Purchase frames from a discount store or get creative and pick up some different sizes and shapes from the thrift shop. Re-paint if necessary. There are a couple ways you can do this and save money:

1. Choose your background paper and glue to the inside of the frame. Go to the hardware store and pick up mail box numbers. You can paint these numbers any color you like and attach to the inside the frame.

2. Print your own at home. Choose a background and font that goes with your wedding theme, print, cut and place inside the frame. You can even personalize the background with pictures of you and yours.

Wine Bottles:

Give your guests something to open and drink during dinner or take home when they depart. Wine bottles can also serve as the main centerpiece if done right. You can print your own labels at home, paint onto the bottles directly, insert a number in the cork or make your own bags to place them in.

Planter Boxes:

This is a great way to combine your table numbers with your centerpieces. Simply purchase planter boxes from your local craft or hardware store, stencil the table number on the box and bring to your florist to fill with flowers. Check with your florist to see if they already have these boxes or can purchase them wholesale.

Message Book:

I absolutely love this idea. Pick up some journals and attach numbers to the books. Leave a note for the guests to inscribe a message, story or advice for you to read on the anniversary year associated with the table number. “Please leave a message in the enclosed book for Ben and Emily to open on their… 12th anniversary"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake… Or Not?

You have picked out the perfect wedding reception location, the best band in town, and the most beautiful flowers. Now you must pick the delicious dessert to cap the meal. A wedding cake is obviously the most traditional of desserts for a wedding. But maybe you and your fiancé don’t really love cake? Then feel free to get creative! Here are a few tips on how to make your dessert stand out and hopefully save a little money.

Pick Your Favorite Dessert

Your favorite dessert is ice cream, so give your guests an ice cream sundae bar! Caramel, hot fudge, sprinkles, candy, nuts, cherries, and whipped cream! Your guests can design their own bowl of goodness or go simple with just some chocolate ice cream.

Pick Something Seasonal

Strawberries are huge in June! Why not offer your guests Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. You can even get the ceremonial cutting of the “cake” and let your guests eat a delicious summer treat. If you are lucky, maybe one of your favorite aunts can make it and save you some money.

Get a Variety of Treats

Most bakeries, along with beautiful cakes, make delicious bite size desserts. These can range from the simple brownies, smore’s brownies, mini pies, mini cookies, chocolate mousse cups, fruit tarts, mini bread puddings, chocolate covered strawberries, cup cake, cake pops, and the list goes on and on. The variety makes sure everyone gets something they love!

Make Your Own Candy or Trail Mix Bar

This one is fun for everyone. You can buy 8-12 different types of candy, nuts, and dried fruits and buy some cute bags and allow your guests to create their own dessert. For candy you can do M&Ms, Reece’s Pieces, Chocolate Drops, or you can go old school and do Now and Laters, Jujyfruits, and Good and Plenties. Guests get to pick whatever they want and mix and match the different salty/sweet combinations. You can also make this the favor if you wanted to have cake as well.