Friday, October 18, 2013

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

It's time to invite all of the guests to your big day!  So many decisions to make and you don’t want to insult anyone.  Here are a few etiquette tips on who should be and doesn’t have to be invited.

You casually mention to someone that you were getting married and now they think they are invited to the wedding.  If you didn’t verbally ask them to come to your wedding, you do not have to formally invite them.  It is fine to discuss your wedding plans and excitement with people!  If you feel uncomfortable when they ask if they are invited (and they aren't) you can tell them that you haven’t finalized the guest list.  Watch out though, it is rude to verbally ask them to come and then not send them an invitation.


You already know that someone can’t attend your wedding.  Do you still have to send them an invitation?  Since you don’t want them to think they have to send a gift, you don’t have to send them an invitation.  If it is a close friend or family member that cannot come, you can send an invitation with a note stating that you sent it so that they could have it as a keepsake.

How do you decide who can bring a date?  If a guest is married, engaged, or has a live in partner they should be able to bring a plus one.  You do not however, have to allow every single guest to bring a date.  If a single friend is upset, let them know how many other single friends are coming so that they feel more comfortable.  You do want to be consistent with your rules.


How do you make your ceremony and reception adults only?  Be specific in the way you address the invitation and in the invitation itself (“Adults only reception to follow” for instance).  If your guests RSVP for the children, call them and have an honest conversation with them about wanting an adult only wedding.  If you have a large amount of guests with children, you may want to make arrangements for childcare services off site somewhere.  Again, being consistent is going to be a must.  Keep in mind, your flower girl and ring bearer are exceptions to this rule and are allowed at the reception.
Happy Planning!