Monday, September 16, 2013

Personalizing your Wedding

You want the perfect wedding day and of course you want your wedding to be different than all the others you have attended.  You want your friends and family to talk about the good time they had for years to come!  How do you make it personalized and well…. yours?

The Nuptials

We have all heard those same wedding vows so often you could recite them with the bride and groom.  Try writing you own wedding vows.  Even if you aren’t a great writer, your heart will tell you why you want to spend the rest of your life together, whether it is for the amazing way he keeps you smiling every day or even the incredible cooking he offers when you are stressed and overworked.  Try to put into your own words why you are spending eternity together.

Table Names

Naming your guest tables after places you have traveled together has become a popular choice.  You can use a postcard you picked up there with an explanation of your trip together (when and why you went there) or a beautiful picture of the two of you enjoying that location.  This also is a great way for guests to have to look a little harder for their table and in the meantime, checking out all of the other destinations you have been to along the way.


Guest Book

Just having your guests put their name and address into a book doesn’t seem very personal.  One great idea is getting your photographer to make a photo book from your engagement photo session, and then have your guests sign the different pages with words of love and encouragement to go with the signatures.  Another one, since you are now all family, is having a “Family Tree” created (a cool portrait of a tree with the branches) and having guests put their thumbprint on it.  Avid Skier?  Get a vintage or cool ski and have your guests all sign the ski (or two if it is a large group).   Looking for advice from the guests?  Have each guest fill out their marriage words of wisdom and then put them in a box.  Pull one out each month or year, or even when you just need some good laughs or actual advice.

Signature Drink

Choose a drink for your guests to have for the evening.  Maybe it is the first drink you ever had together.  Maybe it is the type of cocktail that you end every evening with.  Maybe it is the go to drink for all of your good times and memories.  Either way, your friends and family will understand why you chose that drink and it will make them smile every time they take a sip.

Happy Planning!