Friday, May 9, 2014

Tahoe Local Wows with Bridal Shower

Tahoe Wedding Collections’ very own, Adele Attix, was adoringly showered this past Saturday at her parent’s stunning residence, appropriately dubbed House of the Dancing Trees, in Nevada City, California. Bridal Showers are often the first of many wedding events where the bride is in the spotlight, and our Adele could not have shined brighter.
Here are a few of the things we did that made her shower the hippest, chicest, and most fun shower I have personally ever attended:

1. Flowers in the hair. Adele’s mother picked a gorgeous white rose, straight from her garden, and tucked it in her daughter’s blonde locks. Adele donned a vintage drop-waist, cotton, tank dress and the white rose added marvelously to the ensemble.
2. Gourmet Grilled Cheese Bar. My, oh my - this Spread was out of this world! Pick-your-own toppings ranged from goat cheese paired with fig and walnuts to brie with pear and honey. Our creations were then grilled to perfection on the deck. Je Adore!
3. Trivia Game during present opening. The bride’s roommate had asked her fiancĂ© several questions prior to the shower. Before each present the question was read aloud and Adele was asked to guess her fiancĂ©s answer, before the real one was read aloud. This made for many belly laughs during the present opening session and kept all the ladies entertained.
4. Camp Adele. To cap it all off we were whisked off to a nearby campground and spent the night gushing and giggling around a campfire. One of the Maids even made a banner to hang at our beachfront campsite. Despite the fact we forgot firewood, some men from a few sites down stocked us up and made sure the fire raged late into the starry night.

Adopt or adapt any of these clever idea’s to make your shower stand out from the rest!

Best Wishes,
Julie “Jewels” Butler, Northstar California Resort, Sales Associate