Friday, July 24, 2009

Centerpiece blunder

Welcome! I hope you enjoy my entries and will leave feedback and posts for me as well as your fellow Northstar brides and grooms.

To kick things off, as most of you know, I just got married too! You know how we have fishbowls, vases, river rock and floating candles for you to use for centerpieces at Northstar? Well, I love that look and wanted it for my Wedding- with a twist. See, my Wedding was all bright yellow with hints of orange. Instead of using river rock, I had the super idea of chopping lemons and oranges into the vases, filling with water, and then floating the candle on it. Guess what? Fruit floats. So does the candle. Can't have both- dilemma! I had to choose between the fruit or the candle as the Wedding was only a few hours away. I chose the fruit because I also had 10 votives on each table.

Lesson: Try these things out ahead of time, although I can guarantee you our river rocks will definitely sink! Happy planning! - Brett

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  1. That is hilarious, Brett! I hear something little always goes wrong on the big day- it's nice to see you were able to laugh about it and recover. I remember my cousin's wedding we lit all the center piece candles too soon and by the time the entree was served most all of the candles burned out and the room was dark. That was my center piece lesson!