Thursday, September 10, 2009

What a Grape Idea!

Do you and your fiance share a passion for wine (Ok, really, who doesn't)? Maybe you met in a wine bar, were engaged in Napa, or he proposed over your favorite glass of Chardonnay. If you answered yes to any of the above then let's talk about a wine tasting bar at your Reception!

Are you considering the hosted bar package for your Reception? It includes up to six types of the wines of your choice. Your guests can sample one or all of the wines before ordering. To make it realistic and interesting, you can create a tasting card to go in front of each selection on the table for your guests to explore. Do you have a dear friend that didn't make the cut into the bridal party, but is outgoing and knowledgable? Maybe they could staff the bar for you too and answer questions! Or take it up a notch and hire a professional Sommelier (*

*(We require a bartender to actually pour the wine at $50 per hour, plus and additional $1.25 per adult to cover the additional glassware required at a tasting. For most Weddings, this could be a fun Cocktail hour activity with an additional cost of approximately only $200.)

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