Friday, October 30, 2009

Tahoe Weddings- In Harmony with Nature

Uh-oh, who was supposed to watch the cake?

I told everyone in my office that this happened at our last Wedding and they all believed me! LOL!

But, that's because I guess it really could happen, given that most of our Weddings have an outdoor ceremony and / or reception. It got me thinking that maybe I should point out a few things to consider regarding an outdoor Wedding at Northstar:

Sun: We will have a lovely ice cold beverage station for your guests at the ceremony site. This may be a good spot to place a few tubes of sunblock for guests that were not prepared. It also may be warm at the ceremony. Consider parasols and or fans with your program printed on them for your guests.

Sun: Be sure to tell your baker that your cake will live outside for a while. They may suggest fondant or marzipan over butter cream. Likewise, talk to your florist about more weather tolerant varieties of flowers.

Have I mentioned the Sun?: It melts chocolate, so if you are planning chocolate favors, please let us keep them refrigerated instead of decorating the dining tables with them. We can put them out as guests begin to leave instead.

Grass / cobble: Help your guests to wear proper footwear. You have all seen your venue and know that stilettos won't fly (but they may make your guest fly if they trip). This is a good tip for your Wedding website and / or welcome bags when they check in.

Wind: Consider low and / or heavy centerpieces. Also, candles, including unity candle ceremonies, need to be enclosed or the wind will blow them out. We've also seen many things on easels blow over. There is not usually strong winds as our slopes are protected, but there is usually a slight breeze and there is always the potential for a good sized gale. If you are worried about your veil, tiny fishing weights can be painted to match your attire and attached to the bottom of your veil to keep it from flying up during the big KISS!

Happy Halloween- have a Spooky time with your fiance this weekend!

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