Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Your Wedding Website: Fun and Functional!

Sure, building your Wedding Website is fun: showcasing you, the love of your life, and more of you...

But besides a celebration of your journey together, a Wedding Website can communicate all the details to your guests that you don't publish within your invitation (and saves paper, $ and the environment). Especially at Northstar, how better could you associate your guests with the weekend's festivities, lodging options, and Resort activities?

Check out a few of my favorites from real Northstar Weddings last summer for ideas for your site:

The first example was their own design and domain purchase, but there are also free sites like (the last two examples come from here), as well as and These sites make it so easy, and you can be very creative with the content and design.

Your guests will thank you for taking the time to provide them with all the particulars of not just the Big Day, but the Big Weekend. But most importantly, how else will they know where you are registered? ;)

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night of Wedding planning!

(Please comment here to provide your wedding website url, and share with other brides and grooms!)


  1. We went through It's free, you can upload videos AND they have some beautiful themes and backgrounds. We like it a lot.