Saturday, July 30, 2011

Unique Guest Book Alternatives

I LOVE all the fun new twists on traditional guest books that make your wedding so,! Check out some of my favorites from real Northstar Weddings over the past couple weeks:

 Baseballs- this guest thinks the groom hit a "home run" marrying his bride! :)
 Not sure what they call it but I dubbed it the honeycomb guest book. Guests wrote little notes and filled the honeycomb with their messages to the bride and groom. Imagine how stylish this would look hanging in your hallway? Plus, instant access to your guests' best wishes every time you walk to the kitchen!
 "Message in a bottle"- guests slipped notes into however many wine bottles they liked. Each wine bottle was labeled with 1st anniversary, 2nd anniversary, etc. through their 50th. Each year on their anniversary the bride and groom plan to open the bottle and read what their guests intended to them to read at that moment in time. Brilliant!
And this was a note on an always classic photo frame signature guest book. I just loved the message and would wish that on every happy couple! xoxo

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  1. How do you get the labels made for the wine bottles?