Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free name change gift cards for Northstar brides!

That's right! I just returned from the Wedding MBA where I encountered a new product just for you! The first three of you to tweet me @NStarWeddings, Facebook me, email me, call me or comment on this post will receive a gift card from for on-line auto completion of your social security, IRS, Passport, USPS, state voter registration and state driver's license forms, as well as name change notification letters for your banks, credit cards, mortgage providers, insurance companies, professional license boards, and investment companies along with step by step guidance through the filing process, so you can focus on being a newlywed!

xoxo - Brett


  1. WOW! LOVELY ARTICLE.....................

  2. What an awesome service! I am def going to check this out! Thanks for Sharing Brett! ~ Sara Farnam

  3. Online free name change services are available through which we can change our name with ease without tension.