Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weight loss without the gym!

Let's admit it, most brides want to lose a few pounds before the big day, or at least we want to improve our overall health. But with so much wedding planning, who has time for the gym? Here are a few suggestions to burn extra calories:

exercise ball wedding workout
 1. Do not sit on the couch while you watch TV. Instead get an exercise ball. Just sitting on it makes your core muscles work harder, strengthening and toning those abs. But why not go a little further and add crunches during commercials? Your stomach will be bikini ready for that honeymoon in no time!

wedding dancing

2. Go dancing! Ladies, I don't want to see you sitting at the bar. Since you are going out anyways for celebrations such as your bachelorette party, be sure to burn off those cocktails on the dance floor!


3. Keep drinking - water that is. And I know you already know that. Just make sure you are drinking about half your weight in ounces per day. But another little trick is to use sparkling water in your white wines at all the parties you must attend to celebrate your wedding. If you are going to have 3 glasses of wine and you replace each glass with 2 ounces of sparkling water, you just saved yourself over 150 calories! Bonus- no hangover the next day. 

dog walk games, weight loss

4. Got a dog? You have to walk them anyway right? So this is not the "proper" way to walk your dog, I know, but I play chase games with mine to really rev up my heartbeat. I only stop running with them if they do. Therefore, breaks only come at trees and fire hydrants where there is much sniffing to be done. Sort of silly, but it's a fun challenge and they love it of course.

grocery store shopping for weight loss

5. Challenge your self to only stay on the outer aisles of the grocery store. That is where all the produce, dairy, fresh fish/meats, breads, etcetera are. The middle aisles are stuffed with chips, sodas, and cookies.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, beautiful you on your wedding day!


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