Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Knot's top wedding trends for 2012

So a while back you guys saw a pic of me at the Wedding MBA convention in Vegas. Well I finally got a chance to get my notes together and tell you what is going to be HOT for 2012:

1. Black tie is back- Ornate venue, fancier is back, grandeur, used to be cool to be casual, not anymore, vintage. (Have you seen the elegance of the Overlook tent? I mean, you have this one in the bag!)

2. White palettes reign coming from Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump, and white bridal parties like the Royal Wedding and the Kim Kardashian Wedding (Tent, big European umbrellas, and little white lights everywhere? Done!)

3. Formality doesn't have to mean no personality. (The unique energy of the Northstar Village is anything but dull.)

4. Structure changing, night doesn't end with reception. Formal dinner, dancing, some people go home, then it's off to disco. After party will become part of reception. Brides want elegance but want to end with pure unadulterated exuberance. (Hello! Can you say Mikuni, Chocolate Bar, or Baxter's?)

5. Surprises are a must. Food trucks hot right now and bakery breakfast to go for the morning after as a favor. (Let us know how we can help you WOW your guests, we are at your service!)

By the way, did you know I got to see Kathy Ireland there? She has a Wedding line, and is such a motivational speaker and beautiful woman!

xoxo, Brett

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