Friday, April 19, 2013

This Summer's Hottest Wedding Trends

mod wedding
  Mod Accents

-Playful, bright colors and graphic shapes

-1st seen in fashion and accessories

-Play up texture

homestead elegance wedding
Homestead Elegance

-Ranch wedding: Elegance in a rustic atmosphere is how it will be fresh this year

-Leather, feathers, bark patterns, combined with lace and ornate patterns

-Combining natural elements with opulent elegance

emerald wedding


-Color of the year

-Glass and translucent textures make it shine

-Black and white are strong colors to play off emerald

-Will see in fashion, even men, a bold emerald dinner jacket, color not just for bridesmaids anymore

- DO NOT use emerald in food, ie. Cake

-Use in fashion, furniture, and paperwares

hashtag wedding

The #Hashtag

-Twitter, Instagram

-Guests tagging photos from their smart phones with the bride and groom’s names has replaced the disposable camera on the table

couture cocktail

Couture Cocktails

-Refreshing and elegant

-Sugar rimmed glasses

-Example- white cosmo with a gold sugar rim

seafood bar wedding

Farm to Fork

-Local foods

-Simple, high quality

-Splurge on presentation: hanging skewers, mini paninis

-Play up the area: i.e. a seafood bar at a coastal wedding

wedding reception lounge

Reception Lounges

-Right mix of seating arrangements and furniture is key

-Green lawn receptions with formal furniture

-Monogrammed pillows, homey

-Draping and tenting create intimate gathering areas

DJ bride

Guest Entertainment

-Brides taking DJ lesson to surprise guests with a set at the reception

-Madlibs- fun advice replaces guestbook

-Creative props for photo booth

-Personal entertainment for cocktail hour

-Add fun to every area

Happy Wedding Planning! - Bxo

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