Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Table Numbers

Picture Frames:

These are an easy option for table numbers. Purchase frames from a discount store or get creative and pick up some different sizes and shapes from the thrift shop. Re-paint if necessary. There are a couple ways you can do this and save money:

1. Choose your background paper and glue to the inside of the frame. Go to the hardware store and pick up mail box numbers. You can paint these numbers any color you like and attach to the inside the frame.

2. Print your own at home. Choose a background and font that goes with your wedding theme, print, cut and place inside the frame. You can even personalize the background with pictures of you and yours.

Wine Bottles:

Give your guests something to open and drink during dinner or take home when they depart. Wine bottles can also serve as the main centerpiece if done right. You can print your own labels at home, paint onto the bottles directly, insert a number in the cork or make your own bags to place them in.

Planter Boxes:

This is a great way to combine your table numbers with your centerpieces. Simply purchase planter boxes from your local craft or hardware store, stencil the table number on the box and bring to your florist to fill with flowers. Check with your florist to see if they already have these boxes or can purchase them wholesale.

Message Book:

I absolutely love this idea. Pick up some journals and attach numbers to the books. Leave a note for the guests to inscribe a message, story or advice for you to read on the anniversary year associated with the table number. “Please leave a message in the enclosed book for Ben and Emily to open on their… 12th anniversary"

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